Digital Health: Open Innovation

Open Innovation in Digital Healthcare:
The future of digital health is dependent on breaking of barriers between stakeholders and digitome is promoting open innovation as the key tool to achieving this goal. The dominant model for innovation within the healthcare industry has been closed in-house innovation and this has remained the case despite falling R&D productivity over the last two decades while cost of development of new products has escalated significantly during this period.

We believe that significant developments in the areas of healthcare access, behaviour modification, health information dissemination and chronic disease management can be brought about  by leveraging the principles of open innovation.

Why Use Open Innovation in Digital Health?

  • Digital technologies have successfully transformed other industries such as aviation, engineering, retail and logistics and healthcare industry can capitalise on existing knowledge rather than re-inventing similar technologies.
  • Many current healthcare problems fall between the remits of traditional stakeholders e.g. pharmaceutical company R&D processes are designed to create new pills and not to ensure that patients take pills regularly (it is estimated that poor drug compliance costs $290b/year to the US healthcare system alone)
  • Patients’ exposure and access to digital technologies such as mobile phones and computers is making them more receptive to taking a more active control of their health and this makes them a valuable resource in the innovation process. A resource most often ignored by current innovation paradigm.
  • Because of innovation being closed and in-house valuable resource such as a whole new generation of developers remain uninterested in digital health innovation. Opening up innovation will help engage a large pool of innovative minds in the process of solving major healthcare challenges.

digitome Process of Open Innovation:

What Open Innovation Means for Your Organisation?

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